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What's my story?

Front stage to digital

Believe it or not… I was an actress and a professional singer. I studied 3 years of dramatic arts and the theater was my true love.

At some point, I felt it’s not enough for me. I needed a second passion and came across a gaming company that was seeking young enthusiasts like me. 

Digital Lover

My professional career started at 888.com 13 years ago. I fell in love with SEO and content and felt this is my call in this world. 

For the last 14 years, I have been leading SEO strategy with various companies: Outbrain, Plarium, Rudderstack, Neogames and more.

What’s with my acting career? It was replaced by wonderful SEO events I am invited to show 🙂 

liraz postan SEO

I stop at nothing

The digital world is so fast-growing. While you take a hard decision, your competitors are 5 steps ahead of you. 

Always LEARN

No one is professional enough. I always strive to learn and challenge myself. 

Take It Step-By-Step

I will not promise you gold and money on the floor. I believe there’s no magic- Just hard work. Every step at the time.

Keep It Simple

No manipulations what’s so ever. Google is our friend. 

I Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Well, if you want to kick some *** – There’s no point with just sitting there and wait for those rankings to rise.

We gotta act!! 

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My Bio

Liraz Postan is an International SEO and Content Expert for more than 13 years.

Liraz led SEO and content strategies from B2C to B2B, from gaming to business niches. She started her SEO career at 888.com learning all SEO fundamentals in the most competitive niches, then moved to management positions and built an entirely new SEO acquisition channel in some corporate international companies such as Neogames, Plarium, Rudderstack, and more.

Liraz was SEO and Content Director at Outbrain, where she led all content marketing strategy, editorial calendar, and smart 2B2 SEO strategies.

Combining a holistic SEO approach, Liraz believes the best way to bring organic results is cooperation and internal education for all teams.

Liraz is an International SEO speaker at global conferences: from SMX, SEMrush online offline and online events to BrightonSEO, ISS, SEO Vibes and more.

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