What Is SEO’s Role in the Digital Marketing World?

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SEO, as you know it, has changed so much throughout the years.

Enterprises and corporate companies started hiring SEO specialists in the mid-1990s. This was the era of manual submissions and keywords stuffing techniques.

By 2004, even startups and small businesses began to realize they needed SEO experts to help them achieve their organic goals and increase traffic and sales.

SEO brings high-value results as user intent is high: WANT > SEARCH > GET INFO > BUY.

Search intent funnel

6 SEO Collaborations in Digital Marketing Teams

Nowadays, we find performance and digital teams include core SEO tactics in their digital strategy as a must. SEO approach today is more holistic and it collaborates with other disciplines on a day-to-day basis:

  1. Social Media Marketing: Your social media program must be in line with your SEO strategy in order to achieve full SEO benefits. Social shares can bring natural backlinks to your site/content and also can indicate whether your content strategy is working.
  2. Content Strategy: Content is king. Content is an important SEO asset. Most of SEO’s budget relies on content creation. Defining a strong content strategy along with SEO can easily lift conversions and brand authority.
  3. Paid Search: Using SEO and content strategy tactics enable you to tackle expensive keywords and gain organic traffic. Paid search teams can collaborate with SEO teams by optimizing landing pages, keyword plans, and mutual content strategy. At Outbrain, we have three different weekly meetings between our paid search and SEO teams. We found that brainstorming together helps us break every challenge.
  4. Conversion: Combining SEO and conversion tactics can lift up organic results. If you match the right content journey with the best user experience, you will bring satisfied users to your funnel. Be sure to read heat maps, understand your users, and test your UI occasionally.
  5. PR and Brand Mention: Online reputation management (ORM) is another crucial step in SEO strategy. PR teams can truly benefit by collaborating with SEO, as band mentions can leverage online presence and search visibility.
  6. Website Developers: SEO needs to work closely with developers, optimizing for speed, mobile first, technical audits and knowledge sharing, as JS isn’t going away. Embrace new technologies and learn how to optimize for them.

    How to Skill Up

    When working with digital marketing teams, SEO professionals should not work in a bubble. In fact, they should skill up and learn other niches to get professional and get “out of the box” thinking for new strategies.

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    SEO overlaps with so many disciplines within digital marketing. It is an evolving, living, and kicking thing – and every day we see new search opportunities. Be clear with your digital team to let them know what you’re doing and your next steps. Transparency, Technology, and Training will get you far with conversions.

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